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Restock Your Fridge at Lidl, Newly Opened Near The Brook

Restock Your Fridge at Lidl, Newly Opened Near The Brook

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Fresh Ataulfo mangoes. Potted succulents. Summery, trendy apparel. You’ll find all three at Lidl—and much more. As the sister store to Aldi, Lidl features a similarly diverse array of items in a compact space, with a focus on fresh, high-quality groceries at surprisingly low prices. How does the store keep prices so low? It does a few things differently than your typical market. For one thing, reusable bags are highly encouraged. Using paper bags comes with a small fee, and plastic bags aren’t even available. Also of note, the cashiers don’t bag groceries for you—they’ll send everything down the line so you can toss items right back into your cart, and then there’s a long shelf available where you can fill your own bags. The overall selection of groceries is smaller, as well, with an emphasis on store-brand products. So while you might not be able to find certain unique ingredients for a specific recipe, you’ll certainly score a great deal on anything you do purchase. A new location of Lidl just opened in the Columbia Mall recently, and customers say it’s a spacious and friendly place to shop! Go check it out this weekend.

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