Challenge Some Friends to a Game of Laser Tag at Shadowland Laser Adventures

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When was the last time you played laser tag? Have your youngsters ever experienced the fun? If it’s been too long for you and your little ones, head to Shadowland Laser Adventures for a round of active recreation. It’s also a great team-building activity for adults, so feel free to leave the kids at home and just show up with some friends or coworkers. The laser tag arena’s indoor space is rife with places to play hide and seek as you stake out your prey. But before you head into the arena, it’s important to learn the ropes and rules of play. Once you don a laser tag vest and grab your glowing weapon, a staff member will instruct you on the rules of the game—whichever type you choose to play. You can split up into teams or strike out solo. Either way, try to avoid being spotted by an opponent as you dodge behind barriers and duck under overhangs. One zap of their gun and you’ll lose points for yourself or your team—or worse, be sent packing until the next round of play begins!

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