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Can You Handle the Heat at Pepper House?

Can You Handle the Heat at Pepper House?

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You might know of “Szechuan” food but, if you haven’t had an authentic Sichuan experience—or if it’s a type of cuisine you already know and love—then Pepper House is a must-visit eatery. As Yelp user Lenore K. puts it, “It’s that real real Sichuan food. Real spicy, real fragrant, real delicious.” This new addition to Ellicott City unites a truly global experience with the familiar presence of what one reviewer calls a “friendly mom and pop shop.” With a homestyle feel and perfectly spiced flavors, it’s hard not to smile as you take in this taste of the Sichuan province. For the unfamiliar, the strong spice, peppers, and oils in this style of cuisine might seem overwhelming. But, as Sichuan fans can attest, each bite is worth the spice. If you’re especially sensitive to bolder flavors, though, you don’t need to despair—Pepper House can customize a dish to meet your needs. “The flavors were wonderful and the noodles were perfectly cooked,” explains Tim T. Allen W. adds, “The immaculate savory broth mixed with the home made chili oil just makes sense,” describing his beef rice noodle soup. The general consensus? Pepper House’s “real” Sichuan experience really can’t be beat.

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