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What’s Your Favorite Pie at Pizzaman Restaurant?

What’s Your Favorite Pie at Pizzaman Restaurant?

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“Pizzaman Pizzaman Pizzaman. This pizza is so flipping good.” “This place makes the best pizza on the East Coast.” “Seriously a great local pizza place.” That’s how some enthusiastic Yelpers introduce Pizzaman Restaurant, one of Columbia’s most delicious pizzerias. Of course, it’s hard not to love a hot, cheesy pizza. But, at Pizzaman, you’ll get to enjoy delicious pizza and complementary dishes for an exceptionally great experience. You might enjoy a classic tomato and cheese pizza or load your pie with a pile of toppings. Or, you might opt for one of Pizzaman’s specialty pizza options, like the Chick Tikka Pizza, Grand Slam Pizza, or the Beach and Bull Pizza. Whatever pizza you choose (or if you move away from the pizza regardless), you’ll be able to choose from a variety of other menu items to build the perfect meal. Buffalo wings or a veggie stromboli? Sure! Ribs, a sub, or a wrap? Why not? Gyros, salads, or quesadillas? You’ll find it here!

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