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Now Open Near The Brook: The Food Market

Now Open Near The Brook: The Food Market

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When you’re choosing a restaurant to dine at, whether it’s a special occasion or just your average dinner, there are a lot of factors to consider. Does the menu offer unique items that drive you to choose this spot? Is the service of high quality? Does the quality justify the cost? Is the general atmosphere appealing? Does the food taste good? If you’re considering The Food Market, you can plan dinner confidently, knowing that all of these questions can be answered with a resounding “Yes!” The Food Market may be a new addition to the Columbia area, but it brings together some of the best parts of Maryland. Chef Gauss and his team started this concept in Hampden almost a decade ago, growing and expanding to spread their mission across the area, including their latest location here in Columbia. Even as a recent addition, though, The Food Market has made a substantial local impact. As one Yelp reviewer describes it, The Food Market is “easily one of the best restaurants in Columbia.” With delicious food—with pretzel appetizers, short ribs, and pork belly being top-rated options—unique menu items, friendly staff, and a positive atmosphere, that’s no surprise. There’s no question: The Food Market is a dining option that’s sure to please.

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