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Go Green at Kyoto Matcha, Now Open Near The Brook

Go Green at Kyoto Matcha, Now Open Near The Brook

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If you count the days until your favorite fast food place gets in its annual St. Paddy’s Day shakes simply because you love all things green, Kyoto Matcha will undoubtedly make your day.

Echoing the hue of the Japanese fields the tea grows in, Kyoto Matcha brings Asia stateside in the green colors of matcha culture, with ice creams, mochi, lattes, crepe layer cake, and more tinged with the popular, colorful tea. Not everything on their menu is served in shades of green, but it’s certainly a significant part of the shop’s appeal. It even makes for eye-catching wall decor in the form of a moss plant! 

Kyoto Matcha showcases cakes and other pastries, ice cream, drinks, and mochi as particular menu highlights, joining matcha with other popular flavors such as red bean, black sesame, passion fruit, cherry blossom, and even Nutella. Enjoy takeout served in a sakura-strewn box and taste the tea that’s taken the world by storm. 

Whether you’re drawn to the many shades of mossy green or you already love the taste of matcha, a trip to Kyoto Matcha is the next best thing to a trip directly to Japan.

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