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Craving Boba Tea at The Brook? Head to Tiger Sugar

Craving Boba Tea at The Brook? Head to Tiger Sugar

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If you haven’t tried bubble tea from Tiger Sugar, whose newest location in Ellicott City, you truly haven’t tried bubble tea. Or, at the very least, you haven’t tried the best of the best. 

Brown sugar milk tea, a variation of the classic Asian beverage, is marked by Tiger Stripe’s unique design marking the cream, mimicking a tiger’s contrasting stripes. The Instagram-worthy tea is as beautiful as it is tasty and sweet. Their menu as a whole is minimalistic—rather than offering a long list of options, they focus on making their signature teas the best they can be. 

Enjoy what Yelp reviewers agree makes for the best boba in Ellicott City, from its unique mouthfeel of small and large boba pearls to the sweetness of its brown sugar stripes. Lifelong fans of the chain and bubble tea beginners alike will find a sweet treat at Tiger Sugar. In just a short time, customers have fallen in love with the newest bubble tea shop in the city, and you know they’ll only become more beloved as time goes on. Head to Tiger Sugar yourself and, like so many already, fall in love at first sip.

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