Grab a Cup of Coffee or a Leisurely Brunch at Cafe Mezcla

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Cafe Mezcla is a popular Columbia coffee house that also serves a full breakfast menu. This combination makes it a popular choice among folks who need to grab a quick cup of joe on the go, as well as those who want to sit down and enjoy a leisurely brunch with friends. 

The food menu includes everything from fried chicken and waffles served with a spicy-sweet jalapeno syrup, to classic sausage-and-egg sandwiches. But the main draw for most customers is the kitchen’s crepe menu. You can choose from more than two dozen varieties, in both sweet and savory flavors. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, consider the strawberry crepe, filled with fresh berries, goat cheese, and honey. Looking for something a bit heartier? Go for “Nuno’s Favorite” savory crepe, stuffed with grilled chicken, sharp cheddar, tomato, lettuce, and honey mustard (add an egg on top if you want the full experience).

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