Celebrate an Occasion With Cheese, Chocolate and More at The Melting Pot

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What makes The Melting Pot so special? Well, it’s hard to go wrong when your menu is centered around melted cheese. But beyond that, regular patrons at The Melting Pot say that the best thing about it is the way that the staff can make any dining experience feel like a special one. 

Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening for two, a night out with old friends, or enjoying a dinner out with the family, the staff here are well trained to guide you through the menu and find the selections that suit you best. You can mix and match whatever you want from the menu, but Yelp reviewers say you can’t go wrong with the “Best of Columbia” four-course dinner, featuring Old Bay cheese fondue, a vinaigrette-topped strawberry spinach salad, your choice of entree, and a gooey-sweet caramel-chocolate fondue for dessert. Just make sure to plan ahead and reserve a table, because this place is one of the most popular spots for a special occasion in town. 

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