Find Sustainable, Scratch-Made Meals at Urban Plates

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“Sustainably sourced”, “free-range”, “made from scratch” — they are all the buzz words that foodies love to hear, and they are the mantra behind the cuisine at Urban Plates. They specialize in complete meals that you can feel good about eating, and they serve them in a unique cafeteria-style setting. 

When you enter the modern, bright space, you first need to choose your line. Head one way for salads, one way for sandwiches, and another for entrees. The choices on each menu are practically endless, especially when you consider that the chefs are happy to customize your meal however you like. The portions are plentiful, the food is fresh, and there are plenty of extras to grab like a slice of homemade cake or a tall glass of craft beer. Urban Plates also makes grab and go even easier with their online ordering, and you can also choose their progressive food style for catering at your next event. 

Urban Plates is located in the Mall in Columbia and opens at 11 a.m.

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