Top Your Waffle With Whatever You Like at T&J Waffles

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Want a great way to start your day? Plan your morning around where the T&J Waffles food truck is. They have sweet waffles, breakfast items, and savory waffle sandwiches for quick and easy consumption from their fast-service truck. 

The sweet waffles are a must, with options like banana Nutella or mixed berry atop a crisp yet chewy Belgian-style liege waffle. These waffles are also great bases for their savory breakfast or lunch sandwiches. Options include egg and sausage, turkey club, or chicken bacon ranch, and all of their fillings are as fresh as the waffles themselves. Be sure to follow the T&J Waffle truck on social media for their location and hours of operation, and then strategically plan to do your errands in that area of town right around breakfast or lunchtime. T&J Waffles also does catering, or can park their truck at your next corporate event or party for food that everyone will be talking about. 

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