Do Some Shopping, Dining or People-Watching at The Mall in Columbia

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target="_blank">The Mall in Columbia be your one stop shop for retail, food, fun, and more. From high-end department stores, to small specialty shops, The Mall in Columbia has them all.

When you come to the mall for a day or evening shopping, you won’t be disappointed in your dining options. Quick service is available, or you'll find casual full service spots like The Cheesecake Factory or P.F. Chang’s. You can also see all the latest feature films at the integrated AMC Columbia 14 movie theater, or take advantage of the monthly events. The Mall in Columbia regularly hosts family fun days, in-store demos, classes, and other entertainment. Go to the website for a full list of the stores in the mall, or for the events calendar. Movie times are also on the site, and making a reservation for dinner is just one click away.

The Mall in Columbia is open seven days a week, and free surface and garage parking is available. 

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